Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Do you Live/Breathe/Eat/Drink/Sleep Technology?

barcamp san francisco

Back in 2005, a bunch of geeks started something amazing in San Jose. They got together with the sole purpose of promoting collective learning within the tech community. They called it Barcamp. Since then, Barcamps have popped up all over the United States. One of the most active is back in my hometown of Philadelphia (www.barcampphilly.org).

If you've ever been to a Barcamp, you know what a truly awesome and amazing experience it can be. Barcamps are a haven for those who have a lust for learning technology and a place where geeks can be free to discuss topics that interest them most. You can imagine my shock shortly after moving to the East Bay when I found out that Barcamp San Francisco hasn't really existed since 2006. With your help I would love to change that post haste.

If you live/breathe/eat/drink/sleep technology and want to be part of something truly awesome, contact me and let's make this happen! I would love nothing more than to show my fellow geeks in Philadelphia how inspiring they have been to me by helping to share their enthusiasm with the geeks in San Francisco.

NOTE: This will require time you to give up some of your personal time at night and on the weekends. Please only contact me if you're willing to give up that time. Trust me, it'll DEFINITELY be worth it!

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